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tv   After the Bell  FOX Business  November 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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rather safe, well-advanced arbitrage situations. [closing bell rings] for instance, microsoft is buying linkedin. over next few weeks i expect the merger to be completed and produce return of 6 to 7% annualized basis sis. so those types of things. the bell. liz: the bell. hey, glad you're with us on the bell. we thank bill gross. i hand it over to david asman and melissa francis. yep, the seven-session winning streak, it will end at that. melissa: the trump rally on pause. the major averages ending the day mixed with the dow and s&p in the red but look at, we're just a little more than 100 points away from 19,000. i'm melissa francis. david: i'm david asman. yeah, nasdaq didn't agree. one of them managed to get there. i'm david asman this is "after the bell." we have you covered on big market movers but first here is what we have for you this hour.
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trump tower is abuzz with activity as meetings to fill key cabinet positions continue. we'll take you live for a update and speak to a amendment per of the inside transition team for more what is going on behind closed doors. thousands of students walking out of school today. nationwide, professors canceling classes which you're still paying for if you have kids in college, in support of creating sanctuary campuses and battlegrounds against a trump presidency. we'll tell you what one iowa lawmaker is doing about this. new york's bravest being dishonored. firefighters have been banned from displaying pictures of donald trump. this is going to make you furious. more on this coming up. melissa: first to the markets. the dow taking a breather today after four straight record closes, snapping a seven-day winning streak to end down about 54 points here. jpmorgan, goldman sachs, merck, and others among the biggest drags. oil sinking a well on some big news out of texas. phil flynn of price futures
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group is a fox business contributor. he will have details on that from the cme. lori rothman is on the floor of the new york stock exchange, and lori, we're all watching financials. tell me that story. reporter: well, financials have been biggest driver of the rally up until today. financials fizzled after seven consecutive days of rally. financials index was weakest performer losing 1.5% as a group. look at some of these names. goldman sachs, down more than 2%. same story for capital one. main line financials all the way down to the regionals. analyst community by and large saying valuations got ahead of the fundamentals. isn't that always the case? look at other movers quickly for you. target reporting earnings. back-to-school sales were lon. online sales were strong. that led to nice quarter and nice day for shares of target up 6 1/2% on the day. on the downside, shares of lowe's number two home improvement retailer down. do it yourself customers
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remodeling their homes not as often as unseasonably warm weather or is that the excuse they're giving us. back to you. david: lori, thank you very much. phil, oil is dropping, a lot of people say because of this huge discovery of oil in texas, very big. >> 20 billion-barrels, dave. i was going to say 20 billion barrels of oil on the wall but we don't have enough time for me to finish. that is enough oil to last hundreds and hundreds of years. this is a massive discovery. the biggest ever found in the united states at one time. it's huge. that means that the people mean basin down in texas and new mexico where it is discovered, probably, definitely the most prolific place to find oil in this country if not the world. it is amazing if you think 15 years ago we thought texas ran out of oil, peak oil. all of sudden they find more. i'll tell you why they found more. because of innovation, technology.
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when high oil prices went up, we were worried about running out of oil, someone built a better mousetrap. they have better ways to get oil out of shale but better way to find it. that oil won't be there tomorrow but some day soon. david: one fifth, this represents 1/5 of entire oil reserves of iran. we can tell them to go where. melissa: what was that gesture. david: thumbing my nose at iran. thumbing my nose at iran. melissa: i understand. dollar hitting 14-year high nor global currencies. president-elect donald trump flipped the script how americans feel about the economy. americans have a positive leaning view on the economy moving forward. this is according to the new gallup economic confidence index which turned positive from negative for the first time since march 2015. here now for reaction is jared levy of profitable and ingrid pierce of walrs
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global. ingrid, i will start with you. traders are talking about the animal spirits returning both to the market and to the entrepreneur. do you think it will last? >> well it is difficult to see how it could possibly last althou in such is a short space of time. the positives indicators, it has moved almost 13 points. think that i means that people are broadly speaking more positive and it is sort of feeds on itself. it is a bit of a cycle. more people are calm and responsive avenues of the election, the more that feeds the optimism. so that, even though you have people who are still deeply unhappy postelection that seems to be balanced out by those that feel more optimistic. the sounds of reason on both sides seemed to cause that to go up a bit. general optimism causing markets to go up. it keeps running but i don't think it can last. melissa: terms it of the market but in terms of people feeling it out in the economy, jared, 81% of the republicans said before the election they thought
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the economy was getting worse. now just a short time later 44%. that is still a lot think it is getting worse but half what it was before. part of this is self-fulfilling. if people feel better, they feel like the environment is getting better, they invest more, they spend more, they churn the economy. what do you think? >> that's right. sentiment is a magical thing and you kind of said the key right there is the fact that our system here, this economy, this thing that we measure and we're tracking all these stocks, this is just people's belief. a lot of this is just expectations and confidence. a lot of it has to do with those beliefs and fact that donald trump is pro-business, pro-american business, and with the fed sort of probably going to tighten in december, if we get back to the dollar, i do believe the dollar will continue to rally here. i think that confidence will at least continue into the early parts of donald trump's presidency as long as he doesn't shift gears. as long as the fed stays on track. that looks to be the way it is going.
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yes, positivity is a big part of it, and right now you have to roll with the tide. i think dollar continues to move higher here. david: snapchat has confidentially filed paperwork for what would be the largest and highest high-profile stock debut in couple of years. ingrid, what is surprising when i went over the list of the biggest ipos past couple years half of them were asian. there is nothing wrong with that but used to be majority of them clearly were from the united states but as our corporate income tax kept getting high every and higher, now the highest in the world, we began to see fewer and fewer ipos. is that coincidence? >> first half of the year was pretty shabby for ipo market. that seems to turn around a little bit toward the end of the year. there is a bit after market flutter. that is in the u.s. and uk and elsewhere. you're right. there is balance of convenience is in the other direction. there has been a lot of uncertainty in the market and people haven't been confident enough to do the deals and transactions.
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they put a lot of things on hold. i think perhaps that is beginning of a new boon in ipos next year. david: gang, we have to break in. we have earnings from cisco. this is important indicator of way things going in the high-tech community. lori rothman on the floor of the new york stock exchange, how does it look? >> first quarter is reporting quarter it is a beat top and bottom line. i go through the numbers in a second but headline cisco is looking like a little bit of a lower outlook lowering future forecasts revenue declining 2 to 4% with earnings per share in the following quarter come in range 55 to 5cents a share. compare to what they're reporting in the fir, cisco 61 cents a share which is adjusted number and two pennies better than wall street forecast. you see a first quarter beat for cisco which apparently is still struggling from a weak i.t. spending market climate. in terms of revenue, 12.4 billion reported by cisco.
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that is a little bit of better than 12.34 billion wall street forecast but still down from revenue same quarter year ago. comment from the ceo, kruk chuck robbins. we had a good quarter despite a challenging global business environment and we performed well in our priority areas. shares down half a percent for cisco in extended session. back to you. david: lori, thank you very much. melissa. melissa: president-elect donald trump vowing to train the swamp. two months before taking office trump is making changes to his transition team. our own connell mcshane live at trump tower the latest. connell? reporter: hey there, melissa. no major announcements today. we've heard changes in the transition team last week or two since governor chris christie was on the way out. one thing we heard from the transition team a short time ago and president-elect and vice president-elect mike pence, between two of them they have spoken with 29 foreign leaders over last week.
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what we've seen from the transition team is pushback against media stories taken hold last few days that their transition to the white house has been chaotic or filled with infighting. watch this. >> very structured and anyone saying anything else is either, a, bitter because they're not on the inside and not being considered, or, someone who is bitter because the election was last week and they didn't get the result they wanted. reporter: yeah. talking about people being bitter, one of the things we look at past presidents, a lot of criticism for this president-elect not acting fast enough and appointing cabinet level officials it usually takes some time. we're only a week into the transition with exception of george h.w. bush, bush 41 in 1988. most take number of weeks. he was sitting vice president after the election so maybe hit the ground running than others would but the point it is not unusual. some of the usual suspects today were in and out of trump tower for meetings with
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president-elect. senator jeff sessions close advisor to the campaign. rumored and talked about as having a possible role, cabinet level during the administration. he has been here today as has steve mnuchin. talked about as possible treasury secretary. they have all been here, meeting with mayor de blasio from new york. another busy day albeit behind closed doors for the president-elect. melissa: good stuff, connell. david: donald trump is fighting back against mainstream media reports that the transition team is in disarray. here is someone on the inside, ken blackwell, trump transition team domestic policy advisor. good to see you, my friend. >> good to be with you. david: there is a lot of talk and nobody knows exactly what is happening except you guys on the inside. rush limbaugh talked about media reports that everything is falling apart. here is what he had to say. i like to get your reaction after listening. >> the trump transition team is not imploding folks. it is getting set to kick [bleep] what the media is trying to tell
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you apparently there was some, some movement. trump decided to get rid of some people that chris christie team apparently. david: essentially he is saying that you know, they have got to really shake things up once they get in power because that is what their election was based on and people weren't shaking things up enough, so he had to change them. has he got it right? >> look, we have change leadership. president-elect trump himself and vice president-elect pence are focused on this transition process. so they have been integrating folks who very talented people who were with him on the campaign trail. who they kept focus on winning the election which they did big time and now we're blending the two operations. we're shaking out in a definitive way into a lean, mean, machine, that will deliver a platform from which the president and vice president can
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launch their agenda, starting day one in the administration. look -- david: but, ken, if i could ask, staying on focus for a second. if donald trump is trying to pull up the establishment by the roots literally, the problem is, you don't hire establishment people to do that. that is kind of a contradiction in your goals. is that what is happening now? in order to pull up the establishment and really change things, you got to get somebody from outside the establishment and that's why there are changes now in the transition? >> well, look, everybody has focused on the fact that we, meaning the republicans, control control all branches government. that means we're best working with harmony with one another. that means some folks who have been around here for a while that the new administration has to work with but make no mistake about it he has a change mandate
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to shake up the status quo, that is what he is going to do. he is focused. he is listening. both domestically and nationally and we i will make a decision on his and he has a deep well of talent to choose. david: one person of that well, dr. ben carson. i think so much of ben carson, such an honorable man, incredible life, why did he pull out? >> i have no idea. one of the things that i have learned over several generations of being affiliated with transition teams you stay in your lane. my lane is to get the public policy foundation in place for this administration to get americans working again. david: so important. >> to in fact push government decisions back to the local, state and local level, and to
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restore and respect what i consider to be the essence of american exceptionalism and that is, that we understand that it is not good and great governments that make great nations, it's good people doing great things together. david: right. >> that is the confidence that president-elect trump is articulating that is not only getting a response from the grassroots, he is getting a response from the markets. he is the first president in a long time that has convinced people that not only does he love capital, but he loves american workers. and together capital and workers we can restore our position -- david: and education. giving people a choice. i love the voucher plan. look forward to that. ken, we have to leave it there. ken blackwell. >> always good to be with you. david: melissa. melissa: donald trump and his family giving the press the slip
4:16 pm
last night to go out the dinner. mainstream media, oh, up in arms calling foul on this 21 club snub. really something. david: meanwhile president obama greeted in greece by mild protests. >> look at that. david: greece riot police fighting back with tear gas, stun grenades. former ambassador of the united nations on trump's short list on possible secretary of state, john bolton ways in on that. melissa: non-violent anti-trump protest taking place nationwide with thousands of students walking out of school. their teacher canceling classes. one iowa lawmaker had enough, what he is doing about. >> life, there is winners and losers. in life when your car breaks down, kids get sick and take a second job to pay off mortgage, you don't get to go to a cry zone or pet a pony. you have to deal with it.
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melissa: the mainstream media outraged! over a steak dinner. president-elect donald trump having dinner with his family last night at the 21 club in new york without notifying the press where he was going. a cnn reporter up in arms over being left in the dark. take a listen. >> but obviously not a normal situation when you're talking about dealing with a president-elect. normally in these situations whether the person likes it or not we understand it can be a difficult thing to get used to having pool of reporters follow you everywhere but you know, this is part of what being president-elect is about. you no longer get to have the same level of privacy you did as normal citizen even if your life as normal citizen was being a celebrity. melissa: wah! we have the vp of business and culture at media research center. i mock, but to be fair, there is
4:21 pm
a reason there is protective pool around the president to record what is going on. they served valuable purposes in the past when major incidents happened. at same time what do you think of this response? >> yeah. you said it right. there are good reasons for having reporters there but what we're witnessing is part of a national temper tantrum. the press did everything they could throughout the election to defeat donald trump. when they failed, now they're trying to kneecap his administration. they're going after his nominees. they're going after anybody who might theoretically be a nominee. then they're saying, not inviting them to a steak dinner is like putting a stake through the heart of the first amendment. they didn't react this way when obama did it in 2008? melissa: i mean it's true. feels like at this point they're out to sort of spin anything that happens in a negative direction. you know, i mean he responded, "the new york times" did an involved story what a disaster the transition team is.
4:22 pm
and his response is to reach out directly to people and tweet directly out, to talk about how the media once again isn't covering him fairly. how do you see this he playing out down the road? does that work well for him? does it make him look petty? >> well, i think the media thinks it makes him look petty. much of america, even many on the left understand that this is bias. we did some analysis through a poll and seven out of 10 people think media are biased. this is ridiculous. melissa: yeah. >> that the amount of bias going on in this election, and if you go forward, one of the key things that in our research, 8% of the people said they would have voted differently, 8:00 percent of trump voters would have voted differently if they had listened to the media. that is millions of votes. melissa: it's a powerful tool when he he uses it properly. for example, there was the story
4:23 pm
circulating idea he was trying to get all of his family and all of his kids, top secret clearance. he took that head on, he tweeted out this story is false. i am not trying to get all of my kids top secret clearance. it gives him a tool to correct the the media when they filter him. it can cut both ways. he can look like a whiner when he doesn't look very presidenti >> he has to manage this properly. the history goes back to fdr. fdr did weekly radio broadcast. that was the brand new media at time. it was a way of him going around the press going right to the american people. that is what twitter is for trump and the media hate it, they felt beaten up this whole election. melissa: so interesting, fdr when radio was first introduced. great analogy. dan, thanks for coming on. hope you come back. >> thanks, melissa. hope to too. david: holiday terror threat.
4:24 pm
isis calling for attack on a nays sy's -- macy ace thanksgiving day parade. melissa: not spongebob. david: we'll see how law enforcement is rponding and. but one billionaire investor ys trum policies will have damaging effect. steve moore is here to respond. that is coming up.
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david: breaking news, one of the biggest names on wall street might play a role in the trump administration but what role? our own charlie gasparino in the newsroom with a lot of details. a lot of information on this, charlie, go ahead. >> there is a lot of stuff moving around with jamie dimon particularly after our last report how he has been in contact with the trump transition team in recent days and here is what we know. here is what i know now. i can't guarranty it, thanks change in the future.
4:28 pm
i initially said when jamie dimon treasury secretary story broke on cnbc, basically i would have bigger chance of interviewing biggie and tupac than this happening but i'm just going to lay it out there because i think there is more -- maybe i was too harsh on the cnbc report because i think there is more than a theoretical possibility it could happen. but here is what i know. there has been talks between trump transition team and dimon over the last couple days. from what i understand, jamie dimon, the chief executive of jpmorgan, considered the best banker in the business, long foe of the obama administration, you although he is democrat, he told them he is willing to play some sort of advisory role with the administration through developing economic and banking policy. he is also told them, reiterated, what he said when these initial entries were made at a very low level. apparently entries made now at high level. i haven't confirmed, somebody
4:29 pm
told me that trump had calls with him. i have not got that confirmed. what he told them now he is not suitable for the job. some trump advisors believe this is jamie leaving the door open, if donald goes to him, job is yours, we want you, you got to take it, he will say, mr. president, i will take it. that is from some trump advisors they believe he is leaving the door open. i can only tell you what i'm hearing from his closest advisors. they are saying he has not leaving the door open. he made it very clear he doesn't want the job. it doesn't have anything to do with donald trump. he doesn't think he would be suitable for treasury secretary. probably he thinks he would be suitable for presidency, knowing jamie's ego. that is what we know now. he was offered advisory role. he said he is not suitable for treasury secretary job. hank paulson said he didn't want treasury secretary job under george bush several times and ultimately took it. remember this is work in
4:30 pm
progress. personally, ask my opinion, they are denying this inside of jpmorgan in the most vociferious ways. just telling you. david: very interesting. democratic treasury secretary under donald trump. might be a bridge to some kind of divide. >> a bridge to massive egos. you can't fit their heads in the same room, i'm sorry. david: two great deal-makers. melissa: i don't know. david: two terrific deal-makers trying to make a deal. charlie, thank you very much. melissa: he would be the best treasury secretary in my humble opinion. david: best banker in america. i don't think there is any question about. melissa: anti-trump protests just aren't stopping as more students across the country are ditching their textbooks for picket signs. the fallout is next.
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and that is why you invest. the best returns aren't just measured in dollars. td ameritrade. melissa: a sanctuary campus. colleges across the country protesting president-elect trump, students demanding a safe zone for illegal immigrants on campus. here now is brunell donald chae. we practiced that so many times i knew i would blow it. former vice chairman of the national diversity coalition for trump. please accept my apologies. meantime, what do you think of all the protests going on? >> god bless you and god bless america first. what i would say, you know, as americans we have the right to protest. we all know that but what i would say is to our young people, to let them know that.
4:35 pm
i believe the president-elect and vice president-elect, donald j trump and want the nation to know and our young people to know, they should live in their nation and have sanctuary in their nation. many of those young people don't realize it is their that are paying the taxes for undocumented people to be in our country, many of them as far as our system of benefits and things like that. so what i would say is, many of them, you know, i understand they're participating in the process but it's important that americans have sanctuary in our nation. i tell my son, like this, imagine a man goes to work, he has his paycheck and then comes home to his wife and she says, where is your paycheck? oh, i gave it to mr. johnson and them while the children and wife are starving. what would you call that husband? you call him a bad husband. same thing with the nation. we have to take care of americans.
4:36 pm
we have to take care of one another before we can take our money and then be able to take care of other people. melissa: how do you respond to people say that point of view is racist? when you hear mayors like rahm emanuel say, we want people in chicago to feel safe and to know that, you know, you are welcome here in our city and, if you have the opposite point of view, you are made out to be a racist. >> you're a racist, right. melissa: yeah. >> i tell you this. i wish he cared that much about our inner-city youth dying and filling up the morgues and prisons. our latino and black youth, our poor people. they need sanctuary. where is their sanctuary? use those tax dollars you want to use for people here illegally. why don't you use them on american citizens who are on the street begging every day downtown? there are plenty of people in chicago, illinois and nation who are americans that can use that
4:37 pm
money, that can use that using sanctuary. melissa: is there a way that it doesn't have to be us versus them? we have a nation welcoming, nation built on immigrants. we're not xenophobic, not wanting other people to come. >> no. melissa: at the same time we have to observe our laws and do it in a way that's lawful and protects everyone. is there a -- >> let me tell youing, most people, i know many of legal immigrants, they're angry, they're like why did i file all that paperwork? why did i pay all that money? my husband is immigrant. he is united states citizen now. i had to pay money. i had to file paperwork. had to be separated, miss each other before i could see him. so there is a correct protocol and a way to allow people into the country that we have vetted. we know who they are. that is not un-american. that is very american. and we have to protect our nation, not just now but for
4:38 pm
generations to come. melissa: yeah. >> so for people to say we're racists or anything like, that's foolishness. that is not people who are thinking about the generations to come. i mean, i know it sounds good politically but we've got a nation to protect. melissa: okay. >> i think it is so important that we have the president-elect, donald j. trump and mike pence, the vice president-elect we have, we have to save the nation. melissa: brunell donald che. thank you very good. >> thank you. god bless you. david: immigrant, became a citizen too, so it happens. as anti-trump protests continue across the country, iowa law maker is looking to introduce a bill to prevent universities from using taxpayer dollars to fund election-related sit-ins and counseling sessions. it is called the suck it up buttercup. fred barnes, "weekly standard" editor and emily shire bustle
4:39 pm
political editor. fred, whoever came up with name of this bill, suck it up buttercup, it is great. the onus is not on the state or -- it is on parents who are dumb enough to pay $60,000 a year to a school to learn how to protest? >> i agree with that, but that is not the only thing that is more offensive than what these colleges are doing now. i mean i would rather save a lot of money if they got rid of say the center for gender studies or the crazy things like that i which don't educate anybody with a marketable skill or a broad intellectual knowledge or anything like that. >> right? >> and you know, i think this thing is cute, that he made, i'm sure he doesn't, iowa congressman, or house, state legislator who proposed this i'm sure he doesn't think it will pass you about he wanted to make a point and it is a good point. david: yeah. emily, the problem, i think the problem with public schools
4:40 pm
where taxpayer dollars are used to subsidize protests. that is where i would draw the line. >> the problem is, that it doesn't seem to be subsidizing protests. this seems like a legislative excessive, more democratic than we would expect from a true conservative. the fact of matter is, university of iowa, northern iowa and iowa state university already confirmed to the "des moines register" no state funds are used to cover protests or counseling services or anything else. so really seems like an answer in search after problem. seems like waste of government time and money which is shameful when iowa needs elected officials -- david: there are some places, i got an email for a friend in san francisco. i will leave this here, there was assembly after the election, assembly gathered postelection teachers wept out loud and students were told they could choose to sit instead of stand as symbol of protest during the national anthem. most did. the school also held a mock
4:41 pm
election. announced only three students voted for trump. this is silicon valley area, fred but it was public school. >> can you imagine, david, if republicans and conservatives were doing this stuff, rioting, weeping in public, demanding safe places, saying oh, they were, their hearts are torn apart and all that stuff, they would be pilloried by the media, attacked by democrats and liberals and i, i think actually conservatives, maybe not this guy in iowa, have been pretty tolerant. david: don't you agree, if the situation was reversed don't you think liberals would be >> there was tremendous amounts of anti-semitic, racist, homophobic rhetoric at trump rallies were that covered to a certain degree. david: to certain eagree. ad nauseum i would say. they blew up a little thing. >> the problem, yes, we can disagree this is over coddling
4:42 pm
of college students. i personally agree you can argue that the fact of the matter not taking away from state funding, infrastructure or security threat. i think it is insubstantial for a conservative official, for any official to focus so much time on it. david: i think it is going to die out. >> it will. david: emily, fred, thank you. melissa: banned from the firehouse. why the fdny says no photos of our new p.e.t. elect. that -- president-elect. that is coming up. cme group can help you navigate risks and capture opportunities. we enable you to reach global markets and drive forward with broader possibilities. cme group: how the world advances.
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david: president-elect donald trump's bold economic reforms not universally hailed by wall street mavens including billionaire investor bill gross who told liz claman on "countdown to the closing bell" in the last hour. take a listen. >> i tend to be neutral analyzing policy but trump's policies, and let's talk about taxes and lower corporate taxes, supposedly problemmed, 3 to 4%
4:46 pm
gdp economy as opposed to 1 and 2% obama economy. i question that. david: to weigh in on his comments and give us details of plans of trump team, steve moore, fox news contributor who joins us now. are you willing to make a bet with bill gross on this, steve? i know you say it will be 3 and 4% for eight years, right? >> i said 4% for five years. i think we can do that, if we get the program in place. i think you add one percentage point of gdp -- david: what is to stop the program getting in place? you have pub bs in the house and senate and executive. it will pass, right? >> well, yeah. republicans still don't have filibuster-proof senate. there is always obstacles. congress can always foul things up. i think we'll get tax cut passed. i think we get 1% more growth just in the gdp from that alone. regulatory relief, energy policies, getting rid of
4:47 pm
obamacare those are pro-growth. i would ask bill gross, what about our plan doesn't cause growth? tax cuts are pro-growth. regulatory reform is pro-growth. i don't get his analysis. david: you in particular have been specific about this you design ad lot of it to benefit smaller business. >> yep. david: he says it will just benefit big guys, big inside is. almost talking about a hillary clinton campaign on hillary clinton transition team but, it's, he says it will only focus the big players, the insiders to which you say what? >> i say, i don't think bill gross actually knows what our plan is frankly, david, i really don't. i would love to sit down with him, for ten minutes, bill, here is what we're doing. the 15% tax rate for korean grocer down the store or kid selling lemonade as a profit will pay 15% tax not 30, 35%. i don't think he knows that.
4:48 pm
on individual side, hillary saying big tax cut for the rich. we do lower rates, david but take away with the deductions. reagan did that in 86. it is on net tax cut. they have lower rates but not shelter income. david: a lot of corporations may end up spending more money on taxes because the fact they lose some of their deduction. quickly steve, on infrastructure, a lot of people say, what, clearly obama's infrastructure plan didn't work to stimulate the economy. that was almost a trillion dollars. what's the difference between trump's infrastructure plan and obama's? >> first of all, if you look at $800 billion that obama was going to spend on infrastructure, only small percentage of the money went for infrastructure. a lot went for food stamps and social programs. at least we'll spend the money on bricks and mortar to get roads and bridges highways. don't forget infrastructurep pipelines. we need an infrastructure of pipeline, lng terminals. those kind of things. a lot of that can be built,
4:49 pm
david, we can build that with private sector money, not tax money. david: that's true. there are bonds and everything. we'll go how to finance it next time i have you on. steve moore, great to see you, my friend. appreciate it. >> thank you, david. melissa: police firing tear gas an stun grenades. violent riots break out in greece protesting president obama's visit to the country. next former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. john bolton sounds off why the president is losing support overseas. >> lack of leadership is what president obama is paying the price for now. he is disrespected. he is not respected. he is not admired. more importantly he isn't feared by people who should fear america.
4:50 pm
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melissa: look at that. a lot of unrest in greece. protests breaking out in athens during president obama's visit, forcing greek riot police to fight back with tear gas and stun grenades. here now is ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n., a fox news contributor. what does this say about how people in greece feel about president obama? you would think they would be throwing rose petals at his feet. he would think that. what has gone wrong here? >> well he would think that. i'm surprised he is not out there with the crowd saying hey, i'm one ever you, what's the problem here? i think it shows two things. number one, i think it shows obama has two months left in office. while, there is still reason to be worried about what some of our adversaries may try in that time period, i'm worried about what he may do, for example, with respect to the israel. nonetheless, the clear fact of the calendar is, he is on his way out.
4:54 pm
so, he doesn't represent anything for these people in the streets. number two, the real historical reality here is that this anti-american sentiment, fueled by the communist party and there is still a communist party in greece and by the anti-u.s. attitude that has existed for decades isn't affected by what barack obama does. remember, greece was one of the central, beginning point of the cold war and civil war they fought there right after world war ii around it's still there. melissa: i guess it is surprising to me because i think he advocates near-socialist policies. when you see a community battling back against him its interesting but i hear your point. what is the goal of this tour? he is headings off to europe and germany and doing all this, he said he wants to quell fierce of countries fearful donald trump trump.
4:55 pm
>> if i was donald trump i wouldn't want him my spokesman. this was set up well before the election results when he expected hillary clinton would win. this is part of the legacy campaign, trying to cap off his reputation as different kind of american who fundamentally changed american policy. i think he picked greece very specifically. this is one of the most left-wing governments in europe. president tsipras and the party that makes these demonstrations all more ironic i would say. he is going to germany to the scene of the famous speech he gave in the 2008 campaign when the europeans were throwing rose petals at him because he wasn't george bush. i think the radicals in germany and others around the continent are going to get the picture. i don't think this will be much of a legacy tour for him, but i think that is what he had in mind when he set it up. melissa: not turning out that way. i wish we had more time. ambassador bolton. thanks for coming on. see you soon. >> glad to be with you. david: so what happened to the first amendment at the firehouse?
4:56 pm
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melissa: told to remain out of the political scene, new york fire department is ordering firefighters to not hang pictures of president-elect trump in the firehouse or on the truck. david: just remember who the mayor of new york is, de blasio. this ban of reportedly triggered by complaints that department received about a fire truck in brooklyn that was driving with a trump mask on its grill, i suspect the mayor had manage t to -- had something to do with this ban. melissa: putting shoe on other foot like we like to do. if hillary clinton won, would
5:00 pm
he say it is too political to put it up. david: i don't know if president obama is in the firehouse by i suspect they are. that does it for us, "risk & reward" starts now. liz: president-elect trump's war with the media still raging, media claiming there is chaos behind the scenes, donald trump says no. he is well more than half way down. welcome to "risk & reward," i am liz in for deirdre bolton. a lot big names have been spotted at trump tower. jeff sessions, steve know minuchin, general keith kellogg. he could be in running for homeland security, the situation it fluid. we're


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